Bronx River Art Center, March 16 – April 21, 2007
Featuring work by Laurel Farrin, James Huang, Brendan Mulcahy, Anton Sinkewich, Micki Watanabe.

The word “sly” is a slippery character. It suggests a kind of craftiness and playfulness; someone or some thing that is mischievous perhaps bordering on the sneaky. With that in mind, Sly is an invitation to the viewer to allow him or herself to be played…with. Each of the artists alters, melds or otherwise questions perceptions about history, gender or perceptions in ways that question the viewer’s first impressions. As viewers this is a chance to knowingly allow artists to set the parameters of that game – whether it calls us to question the art historical canon or poke fun at our own ideas of gender or craft, physical space or experiences of uniqueness. Sly is an ever-changing stance.